SURYOMENGGOLO, Jafar (スリヨメンゴロ、ジャファール)


職  名:特定研究員





  1. Working Class Narratives in Indonesia
  2. Post-Suharto labour activism


    As part of the result from my research interest on contemporary Indonesian labour movement, I have edited a book on the subject and it is published in 2014. The book consists of 6 original papers (written in English). It discusses the conditions and challenges of the labour movement in its efforts to level up its bargaining power and defend its economic interests in the workplace. The Indonesian version of the book (translation in Bahasa Indonesia) is published also in 2014.

    I have also collaborated with Associate Professor Dr. Mario Lopez on editing a collection of 5 papers on the issue of contemporary political scandals in Southeast Asia. The collection is published in a special issue of Asian Politics and Policy volume 6 number 4 (2014): “Corruption and political scandals in the early 21st century.”