BONANNO, Gianluca(ボナンノ・ジャンルカ)



職  名:連携助教






  1. パン・アジアニズム(比較研究と東南アジア中心)
  2. 拡大メコン圏における越境問題
  3. 大陸東南アジアにおける都市化と少数民族の移動


    The first topic, Pan-Asianism (through a comparative analysis focussed on Southeast Asia), looks at the forces behind broader regionalisation efforts in Southeast Asia, within the background of an ever-influential China and global economic and political frictions directly and indirecly pressurising this geo-political region. The analysis is on a macro-level and is conducted through an international relations / political economy perspective. The second topic, the proliferation of trans-boundary issues in the Greater Mekong Sub-region, looks at the dramatic changes around border areas in mainland Southeast Asia, particularly since 1992 and the gradual liberalisation of the flow of goods, people, and information within the region. It gauges the impact of the abovementioned macro-level forces onto the ground, particularly around national boundaries and their adjacent areas, as that is where the interaction of international, national, and local policies is best observed. The last topic, urbanisation and ethnic relocation in mainland Southeast Asia, looks at the changes in the livelihood of the region’s local people, particularly the more-at-risk ethnic minorities dwelling across the frontiers. This analysis is of a more anthropological nature and completes the circle started with the aforementioned first and second topics, by looking at changes in the region from a macro, micro, and anthropological perspective.