Young Scientists (B)

The development of an objective and subjective fall risk assessment tool for Asian populations

Principal Investigator: ISHIMOTO,Yasuko
Period: FY2013-14

Falls are among the principal causes of functional decline in the elderly. The risk factors of falls have been investigated to prevent elderly people from being dependent on care assistance. Various scales for the assessment of sarcopenia, locomotive syndrome, and fall risk have been developed. However, a variety of choices makes it difficult for professionals to decide which scale should be chosen. The aim of this study is (1) to clarify the characteristics of scales for the assessment of sarcopenia, locomotive syndrome self-check, and fall risk index (FRI) in two Asian countries: Japan and Bhutan, and (2) to develop new fall risk assessment including objective and subjective factors. The development of a new fall risk assessment tool will contribute to preventive care and fall prevention in Asian countries.