Grant-in-Aid Funding(A)

Comparative Area Studies of Eco-politics Over Eurasian Continent Frontier and Maritime Coastal Area Eco-resources

Principal investigator: YAMADA, Isamu
Period: FY2011-14

The continental frontiers of Eurasia and Asian maritime areas are presently heavily affected by globalization. However, there are still many people who, even throughout living under this global influence, maintain traditional lifestyles handling and using their local eco resources. The products are sent to major harbor cities like Hong Kong, Bangkok, Shanghai, and Singapore. Those harbor city groups have strong network over continent and maritime world and tighten their connection. Eight researchers including ecologist, botanist, and anthropologists are involved in the fields of central Asia, Mongolia, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, South East Asia, and South Pacific islands for basic eco-resource research and attending international treaty meeting. China’s role is quite important at the moment. For instance, Agar wood found in South East Asian forests were mostly sent to Arab world before but now gradually more and more Chinese people are interested in this rare resource. Various maritime resources are also sent to major Chinese markets. After the destruction of primary rain forest in South East Asia, drastic change of forestry and people’s movement are occurring in the area. How to maintain the original diversity of ecosystem in the area and how the people create better life is the big issue for near future.