Grant-in-Aid Funding(A)

Comparative Area Study on Healthcare Designs for the Community-Dwelling Elderly Associated with Ecology and Culture

Principal Investigator: MATSUBAYASHI,Kozo
Period: FY2011-04

Elderly persons living a satisfying , purposeful later life followed by a peaceful death: this is the ideal, but it poses a challenges as to whether we are able to create a society in which this can be achieved. The aim of the project is how to create healthcare design for community-dwelling elderly optimal to each area associated with unique ecology and culture. How to promote health of community-dwelling elderly based on the assessment of the comprehensive actual health situations of the elderly, and how to provide efficient and effective care for the frail elderly, and effects of the community-based geriatric intervention will be compared among Kochi in Japan, Khalin in Bhutan and Khon Kaen in Thailand, whose natural, cultural, societal environments have been very different.