Grant-n-Aid Funding (C)

Research on cross-institutional network construction by periodical database in three Indochina countries

Project Leader : ONO, Mikiko

Project Members : KITANI, Kimiya, YANO, Masataka, IWATSUKI, Junichi, KIKUCHI, Yoko

Period : FY2014-2016

Research Summary :

Serial publication, such as newspapers and magazines are valuable materials that reflect each nation’s society. This project for cooperation between library staffs and researchers of Japan and Indochina countries beyond the boundary of institutions and countries, is aimed at constructing the system of shared informatio, centering on the comprehensive bibliography for the Southeast Asian Periodicals Database. We have promoted our cooperation with institutions of Indochina. We have aimed the following objectives ; 1. Update bibliographical data on the Southeast Asian Periodical DB, 2. Construct the Periodical DB in Indochina ver., 3. Establish cross-institutional network among libraries.